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You’re likely here because you need to locate your perfect cat tree for the feline company. We’re here to make that simple with a couple of ideas that may allow you to get on your way.

My name is Christina and I’ve been an animal lover ever since I was little. I got my first cat when I was 5 years old and I fell madly in love from the get-go. I currently have 4 cats and I admit I spoil them a lot with toys, cat trees, food and anything else you can think of. This is the reason I created adore your cat as I have tested a lot of the products on the market and I know what’s good and what to avoid.

To get started you can take a look at these top guides I’ve written:

4 cats on my cat tree

Cat Trees

The main focus of this site is cat trees and I have included reviews on which will probably be the best for your specific cat. I reveal which are the best products on the market and the ones that might suit your cat best.

Locating your cat the right tree can appear to be an arduous job. In the end, you’d need to spend countless dollars on one with characteristics made especially for a tree dweller, when you could spend hundreds and get the one that’s finest for their unique needs and your cat.

Don’t stress, you’re in the correct spot! Chances are, you’ve likely found your cat’s distinct character kind and have seen them hanging out in high places, spots that are low, or someplace in the middle.

Tree Climber

The most generally thought of cat kind is the tree house cat. Tree climbers are well known in magazines, films, and television.

If you consider it we’ve all seen that poster, picture, or commercial that is trying to save them.cat in a tree

These date back about 10 to 15 million years and is liked by instincts for their big cat ancestors such as the tiger or the cheetah.

Cats have reflexes that enable them to leap and land correctly on their feet from significant heights. It may not be for the reason we believe although there are some unique instances where they want saving from trees!

The tree climber adores scaling and heights. They’re also more comfortable in places that are high with some cover, not dissimilar to a tree’s leaves. Trees for this kind of cat were created to have characteristics that were distinct to adapt coverage and heights. You are going to need to be sure they have got a minimum of one high tower or multiple towers when you do your searching.

Each tower will have a resting area or a cat bed; some will have multiple. A superb attribute to try and find is a resting/bed area that has a lip. This will supply your cat with enjoyment but it also protects them from falling off of it while they sleep (has happened to mine a couple of times).

You’ll need to ensure it has multiple heights changing touchdowns. One particular reason for touchdowns with various heights would be to let your cat have the option of being higher up, lower to the earth, or someplace in between to transfer landings.

You may additionally find them along with the fridge or some other higher space of your house. It’s possible for you to discover several examples of the trees a Tree House cat will enjoy underneath.

Bush Dweller

The bush dweller picks pretty low areas to live because they can be ready to go in an instant and get to safety.cat-263318_960_720_mini

In a house environment, a bush dweller will find the spots to rest where they’re covered or areas where they don’t have to jump down several platforms.

Bush Dwellers favor some coverage and moderate height areas. An example where you might find your cat are those cats that enjoy resting on the arm of a bed corner, a sofa, or tabletop.

Give your bush dweller a suitable spot to spend their time as opposed to the areas you don’t need them to.

Cave Dweller

The cave dweller is among the cat sorts that a lot of people may not be alert to.

The cave dweller has some existence on earth and is finally being recognized as a cat kind, which means, companies are making products for them to love as well.

Cavern house cats prefer areas which might be low on the earth. They favor being concealed and enjoy enclosed spaces that are dimmer. Being a real cave dweller just isn’t a bad thing by any means it only means they prefer some sort of solitude. If your cat is never seen by you because they’re constantly concealing here are several ideas that’ll have them out of hiding immediately.

Giving them a cat tree that has a cavern like structure when they can go and hide will allow you to see them more frequently.

Your cat will appreciate you giving them their own spot in their own house where they live and can conceal. It’ll additionally show them you understand them and that will help you both develop a stronger bond that produces them to feel more comfortable. In turn, they are going to trust your conclusions.


When purchasing different products for your cat make sure you keep this in mind so you can get the perfect fit for your cat.

You can even go down the route of building your own cat tree if you the tools and are good with D.I.Y. This will allow you to build a tree that suits your cat perfectly and add features that they will enjoy. I haven’t tried this option but this video explains well how you can go about doing so.


I have included a lot of reviews on this website that anyone from a beginner to an advanced animal lover will understand.

Do not hesitate to ask any questions if you have any.