Armarkat A7202 Review


We were really drawn to this cat tree after reading all the great reviews from cat lovers. It is designed to accommodate all the needs of big cats, from jumping and climbing, to scratching and relaxing, offering multiple levels that she can choose from depending on her mood. Mood we have come to understand, is an integral part of cats!

The  Armarkat A7202 cat tree is manufactured from pressed wood and not solid wood. This may not sound at first like a great idea, but these cat trees are made to last a lifetime and are of the highest standards and quality. The pressed wood is definitely not the cheap type that splinters, flakes and separates into little pieces after continued use. This wood is super strong, compact and solid. The tree is covered with faux fur that gives it a rich and luxurious feel that our cat loves. The fur is also high quality and can stand up to a lot of constant scratching and does not fall apart.

The Armarkat A7202 stands at 72 inches high and 22 inches wide. The kitty house is a neat 12 inches high and 14 inches wide, offering ample space. This neutral color cat tree blended in well with our décor theme and did not look out of place in any way.

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