Best Cat Trees for Large Cats Review – A Comprehensive Guide

After years of being a ‘dog’ family, we decided to get a cat as a pet for our kids. We set off on a mission and to our surprise, the one they fell in love with was a large cat and not a kitten. We were advised to get a cat tree for our new found family member.

We live in an apartment and taking a cat for a walk is not an easy thing, if not an impossible thing to do! We soon learnt that cats need to climb, jump and keep active and a cat tree is the ideal way to give them these  opportunities that they would have outdoors.

Cats love to have an elevated view of the world in a place they can call their own and we didn’t want her climbing up our curtains or getting stuck on the top of doors. A cat tree also offers awesome scratching posts, saving our lounge chairs and carpets from potential damage and keeping everyone, especially Mum, happy.

After doing our research we found 3 fabulous cat trees for large cats that we would certainly recommend for new or existing cat lovers.

Here are the 3 best cat trees for large cats

Armarkat A7202
Thousands of Positive Reviews
Multiple Platforms
Great Quality
Armarkat A7201
High Quality Brand
Multiple Platforms
Molly and Friends Simple Sleeper
High Quality
Easy to move around

1. Armarkat A7202 – The best option

Armarkat A7202 fullThis is a clear winner for the best cat tree for large cats and it came as no surprise. You only have to look at the thousands of rave reviews about this product to know that you are getting high quality for your money.

This can be the layout most folks think of when they think of a cat tree because they satisfy most of a cat’s demands. Armarkat designed the A7202 in a particular way to satisfy the needs of bush, tree house and the demands of big cats.

Unlike most of the trees, this one is covered in faux fur and is made with pressed wood as opposed to solid wood. Before you pass up this tree don’t be fast to judge. Armarkat are a high-quality brand and make their cat trees to last a long time.

The wood that is pressed isn’t that cheap stuff that falls apart. Their faux fur can also be something of a quality that is higher and isn’t the material that falls apart the first time your cat digs with their claws. The faux fur is loved by my own cats and I have seen many others like it as well.

We loved the design of the cat tree and we could see that a lot of thought had been put into it. It is structured with multiple levels for climbing and play. Located on the lower level are two platforms with a swinging basket in the middle. Our cat loves curling up inside the basket and watching the world go by. Above the platforms is an enclosed private kitty apartment with open doors where she can sneak in for a snooze. Two even higher perches make her feel like the king (or queen) of the castle and a dangling toy gives her a thrill as she bats it about.

The posts that support the structure are all made for scratching, making this a perfect all round cat tree for a large cat.

Not convinced this is the tree for the cat that is big? Allow the measurements place that stress apart. The Armarkat A7202 measures by 72 inches high and 22 inches wide. The tree also includes a cat condo for large cats which measures 12 inches high and 14 inches wide. Every cat kind will be a lot more than happy with the A7202 and they may find comfort in the cat condo that is enormous. On top of that, the cost is more or less identical to other competitors.

Click here for more info on this cat tree.

2. Armarkat A7401

Coming in at a close second position on our best cat tree for large cats list is the famous Armarkat A7401. It’s well known because it’s a really tough, high-quality tree that’s constructed to survive.

Coming from the same company, it is also made of pressed board and not solid wood. Once again, the pressed wood is of the highest quality and will not flake, peel or disintegrate after use. The tree is tough and long lasting. It is covered with faux fur that our cat just loved to scratch and the fur was also strong and durable and would last for many years. The fur closely resembles a real carpet, making this a perfect substitute and protecting our carpets from damage!

Armarkat A7401 full

Armarkat contained 3 big cat towers that can support big cats easily. They measure by opening for accessibility and 14 inches wide with the same 1-inch lip.

With two big cat condos, your cat won’t have any difficulty locating a spot to rest with this model. Both condominiums are made for multiple smaller cats and big cats.

The design is different from the first tree and it offers two kitty apartments or condos, so she can choose which one suits her for the day. Each condo is reached by climbing up a ramp and offers two doors and a small round window. Located on top of the condos are large cat towers, perfect as lookout points. If we ever decide to get a second cat, this tree will be ideal for the two of them to play and climb and have ample space to move around. Dangling toys provide hours of fun as she swats them and watches them swing around. Once again, the neutral color fitted in perfectly with our décor theme.

The A7401 is long on scratching posts. Cats also enjoy scraping on the faux fur just like they would on standard carpeting. So your cat’s claws can be kept in good health constantly and will be strong.

The posts are fabulous for scratching and keeping claws healthy and in tip top shape. We were most impressed with the price for this very large tree which made this a great buy.

Armarkat contained ramps and cat toys to ensure your cat is consistently comfortable using the A7401. The best part relating to this tree is that it’s a bargain for its price in my honest opinion.

3. Molly and Friends Simple Sleeper

This was a tough decision but the Molly and Friends Simple Sleeper just got the third spot. The simplicity of it along with the quality make it an excellent addition to your home and for your cat.

Molly and Friends make top of the line handcrafted cat furniture, for instance, Simple Sleeper premium handcrafted molly fulltwo-tier cat tree. The best quality stuff is used by the firm, and their layouts are created at heart with the needs of cats and cat owners. In addition, they deliver their products assembled. Consequently, you don’t have to do anything but take your kitten’s brand new hangout from the box and place it on the ground to get it prepared for the cats appreciate and to use.

It’s constructed to hold both small and big felines. It offers enjoyment and exercise for bush house cats and stands just over three feet tall. It has two beds which make it an excellent addition to single and multiple cat families.

One amazing characteristic of the tree is its portability. Because of its small size, it is possible to take it from room to room easily. It’s also an ideal size for arrangement underneath a window allowing your interesting kittens to peep outside and play from your comfort and protection of these perches that are carpeted. Moreover, this tree needs minimal space helping to make it perfect for little rooms.

This tree features thick, high-quality carpeting that is beige on among its support posts and its stages. The carpeting covers the underside of the stages so your cat constantly falls upon relaxation and softness, and its neutral color blends nicely into any decor. The tree’s longest support pole is covered by organic sisal rope for scraping.

The Alternatives – Looking for a certain style?

Even though the above are the best cat trees for large cats you can buy with your money today, sometimes people look for something different like a small corner cat condo or a stylish, modern looking tree. This is why I have included this list below so hopefully there is something that suits you. These alternatives still cater to large cats.

Premium Carpeted Cat Tree

81HhK4PLdaL._SL1500_The Premium carpeted tree is among our top picks for big cats. While it’s not cheap, you may rest assured the quality may be worth every cent. This tree includes actual lush carpeting just like the things you find on the ground of flat or a house and in multiple colors

Cats adore lush carpeting for sleeping and scraping and this matter is totally covered inside. You’ll also locate two sisal scratching posts contained in case your cat gets tired of scraping on the carpeting, which can be not likely. Bush Dwellers and Tree Climbers will adore this tree.

Everyone should understand the measurements of the tree they intend to place in their own house. The total size of the tree is 71 inches high and 27 inches wide by 20 inches long. We’ve written about the superior carpeted tree here.

Corner Condo Tree

corner cat condoThe Corner Condominium is a tree that is smaller that’s designed to fit smaller and bigger cats. You’ll discover that
bush house cats and cavern house cats will get the most enjoyment out of it because of the cat condo and its moderate height that’s placed close to ground level.

Not only will your cat have the capacity to sink their claws but they’re able to additionally use the partly covered sisal scratching post found at the back of the tree. Your cat could have their individual spot to claw and scrape so they won’t be ripping into your furniture.

The measurements of the tree are 34 inches high and 20 inches wide by 20 inches long.

Modern Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower

Refined LotusIt ‘s a cat tower for large cats that is great particularly for the bigger cats you may have. For the tree climber, it’s multiple touchdowns at different heights suit it very well. This way, your cat can see everything in the region. Bush dwellers also love perches and the various heights they can readily jump away off.

There also exists a big sisal scratch pad on the lower half that the cat extends on and can dig into.

The total measurements of the Lotus Cat Tower are 69 inches in height and 20 inches in width.


Cat Hiding Carpeted TreeBush-Dwellers-Large-Carpeted-Cat-Tree

This exceptional appearing tree is a bush dwellers delight and it’s designed especially for cats that are big. We understand it doesn’t seem big but like the Cat Corner Condominium the top landing is wide and has a 1-2 inch brim running around the edge.

The bush dwellers tree measures 20 inches long and 33 inches high. I believe it is at a perfect height for a home and also for a big cat.

It doesn’t come in multiple colors but it’s another tree that’s nearly entirely covered in plush carpeting that is genuine. The only part of the tree is the full-size Sisal scratching post that can give your cat another kind of surface to scratch on.

Carpeted 3 Grade Cat Perch

Carpeted-Cat-Scratcher-PerchThe Carpeted 3 Grade Cat Perch is another tree for cats that’s specially designed for cats that are bigger to hang out on. So according to how your cat is behaving, they can select a grade that they want and each degree is an alternative size.

This perch is created using actual plush carpeting on your cat to sleep and scrape on. The difference between other kinds of plush carpeting material on trees for cats is lush carpeting has padding that will keep your cat comfortable where other materials have a tendency to be more skimpy. This carpeting comes in different colors that fit your home’s personal style.

The measurements of the 3-grade cat perch are 33 inches high and wide. Grade 2 (the second grade in the earth) measures 15 inches long by 14 inches wide and is ideal for those short relaxing rests.

You’ll find additionally two sisal rope scratching places on both sides so the cat can claw into.

Carpeted Big Cat Pagoda House

Large cat Pagonda HouseWhen it involves exceptional cat houses the Big Cat Pagoda House is loved by us. It’s upgraded appliances, the ocean view, vaulted ceilings… Not to mention the Pagoda House has little-vaulted ceilings.

There’s nothing more natural for a cat. After all, they’re ancestors of big cats scratch trees and reside entirely outside. So the wooden scratching post is an excellent attribute for your cat which can be hard to find on other types of cat trees.

Keeping with the topic that is scraping there can also be a replaceable corrugated cardboard scratching carpeting and pad scratching posts to keep your cat’s nails strong and healthy.

The second of both attributes that got our attention was the big cat house perched together with the tower. It’s fit in and constructed for big cats to use and may also be used to scale together for play and exercise. As we mentioned there can be a corrugated cardboard scratching on the ramp that leads to both interior landings for your cat to love.

The measurements of the cat condo for large cats are 46 inches high. The cat pagoda’s inside measures 14 inches long by 12 inches high and 12 inches wide to accompany cats that are bigger. Each of both touchdowns measures 17 inches long by 9 inches broad. Tree Dwellers and big Bush will be satisfied with this tree house.


Two Perched Cat Condo

Cat-Condo-With-Two-PerchesThis condominium has two prominent perches. Also, it comes with your choice of colored plush carpeting.

This one is made out of plush carpeting too. Because it’s another tough to find attribute on a cat condo today we needed to include as many actual carpeted cat condos here as possible. Many trees are actually made out of faux fleece and faux fur and it may not function as the longest lasting stuff but cats adore it.

Along with plush carpeting scratching posts you may also see a sisal scratching post which is included with the cat condo. Carpeting and sisal scratching posts are excellent for cats to stretch out with and to reinforce their claws on.

The total measurements of the Cat Condo are 33 inches high and 35 inches wide by 29 inches long. The cat condo itself additionally measures 15 inches in diameter internally while it’s not enormous it considered among our cat trees for big cats and is roomy enough for a cat that was larger to fit in.

Condo Base with Perch

Cat-Tree-With-A-Condo-BaseThe tree with a condominium foundation is among those trees which might be geared towards the cave dweller. It
has characteristics that offer a position to proceed like the tower to a tree climber but the big condominium foundation is the characteristic which makes it. This tree is, in addition, covered with actual lush carpeting and can be found in distinct colors as well.

It’s got one primary post that’s a mix of sisal rope and lush carpeting so your cat can enjoy a number of spots to scrape. You may also see the carpeted cat toy dangling from your central landing on your cat.

The Measurements of the tree are 54 inches high and 16 inches wide by 22 inches long. Indoors the cat condo measures 15 inches by 15 inches wide and is open for the big cats that you have.

Overall, it is going to fit and look fantastic in any house while it’s not really large, each cat kind will love it.

What To Look For in a Cat Tree

Cats that are kept indoors will be happier and healthier if they have a cat tree that emulates a natural outdoor environment where they can climb, jump, play and scratch. Look out for the following to help you make a decision on which cat tree suits you best.

Size – some trees are really large and will have to remain in one place when set up as they are heavy and difficult to move. If you want to move your tree around, opt for something smaller and lighter.

What is it made of – We found that the trees we liked were made of pressed wood and also of solid pine. Both are long lasting and top quality so it is purely a matter of taste. The Molly and Friends tree is made of 100 percent natural products and this will definitely appeal to those who aspire to ‘green’ eco-friendly living.

Assembling – If your DIY skills are not up to speed and you don’t have a helpful neighbor, opt for a tree that is fully assembled and comes packaged as one piece. If you can tinker around, you will have fun building the tree while kitty sits and watches you with a bored, superior look on her face.

Multiple levels, condos and posts – depending on the complexity of the tree, you may find one or more closed apartments, one or more stages and single or multiple scratching posts. If you have more than one cat, you will certainly need a tree with as many features as possible to keep them all happy. For a single cat in a small home, a simple design will work well.

Dangling toys – dangling toys are fun and allows your cat to hone her hunting skills as she swats at the toys. Some cat trees do not have toys, so decide whether this is an option for you or not. You could always add your own if you are creative!

Color – all the trees we looked at were offered in a neutral color that would blend in well with any décor theme. There are, however, other trees that come in more specific colors like dark brown, white and even blue, green or jet black. Make sure that they won’t clash with the color scheme in your room, as the tree is going to become part of the furniture for a long time.

Price – price is always a consideration. Decide on your budget but don’t necessarily opt for the cheapest. You want something that will last for many years to come. However, you can still find good quality trees that are on the lower end of the scale. Check out our cheap cat tree reviews here.


If you’ve made it all the way down here then I applaud you because that is a long read. I hope I got the layout right so it makes it easier for you to choose the best cat tree for your large cat. In my personal opinion I will go with the safe option of Armarkat every time but as I said, everyone has their own personal style and sometimes the Armarkat A7202 just doesn’t suit them even though it is the best.

I hope that these reviews will help you to decide on the best tree for your needs and create a happy environment where the cat and the family can live together in peace and harmony.