Best Flea Pills For Cats That Actually Work


Although cats, in general, are meticulous self-groomers they are defenseless in ridding themselves of fleas.  If your cat is not protected against fleas, they can cause severe problems.  The reason is that fleas feed off a cat’s blood so various diseases can spread through their blood system.  In addition, when cats groom themselves they could ingest the fleas and their waste and cause problems in their intestinal tract.  These are just two of the many reasons that you need to protect your cats from fleas using the best flea pills for cats.  Before you purchase oral flea medication for cats read the label because some will only kill adult fleas and others can kill the flea larvae.


How does it work?

Oral flea medication for cats aids in the elimination of fleas using the active ingredient in the medication, which is excreted through their skin.  When the flea bites the cat it will become paralyzed and die.  Once you have killed all the fleas you will have to continue monthly dosing to make sure that your cat remains free of fleas.


Diseases cats can get if not protected from fleas

  • Flea allergy dermatitis—this is a common aliment and with each bite, it can cause minor skin irritation. The allergy can be caused by the saliva of the flea and can cause itchiness, aggravation, and irritation.
  • Tapeworms—this develop in the cat’s intestinal tract and can be caused by fleabites and ingesting fleas that are carrying the tapeworm larva when a cat grooms themselves.
  • Anemia—this occurs in flea infestations that are severe or in tiny kittens. As mentioned, fleas feed on blood and if many fleas are feeding significant blood loss can happen.
  • Hemobartonella—this is a blood parasite that attaches to the cat’s red blood cells and eventually destroys these cells that carry oxygen to the body.


What to look for in flea pills for cats

  • Effectiveness—how effective it is now and if it is long lasting. You also want to see how fast it will kill the fleas and give your cat relief.
  • Dosing—some oral flea medication for cats are easy to give cats while others fight against taking the medication. If they fight, you can hide it in their food.


Top 4 Best Flea Pills For Cats


1. Novartis Capstar Flea Tablets for Dogs and Cats 


This flea medication is for animals that weigh between two and twenty-five pounds.  Within six hours after administering the medication, the fleas will start to die.  It will kill almost all adult fleas and is a single dose pill.

Unfortunately, this is not long last flea pills for cats so you would need to have a flea preventative to put on the cat if you want something long lasting.  It only works for twenty-four hours.  This medication is what many homeowners give their cat if they have been outdoors for a long period of time and then want to come in the house.  It will kill the fleas that are on the cat at that time.

I and many others have found that this has the best success and is the reason we rank it first on our best flea pills for cats list

2. SENTRY Capguard (nitenpyram) Oral Flea Tablets, 2-25 lbs, 6 Count

With these flea pills for cats, you can treat the flea infestations with one easy tablet.  The medication will start to work in thirty minutes.  It contains Nitenpyram, which is an insecticide that is used in veterinary medicine to kill any external parasites up to forty-eight hours.  This medication is recommended by veterinarians and will kill the adult fleas on your cat.  It is FDA approved.  With the easy-to-dose tablet, there is no mess.  Unlike the type of flea medication that you put on the skin, this type cannot be washed or rubbed off.  This oral flea medication for cats can be purchased over-the counter.   It is safe to use on kittens that are four weeks or older and for pregnant or nursing cats.  You can hide this tablet in their food or put it directly in their mouth.  The only negative with this product is that it is only temporary so you will have to find something that lasts for the long term and will kill the eggs and larva.

3. Advecta II Treatment, 4 Month Supply


This oral flea medication for cats effectively breaks the life cycle of the fleas by killing all stages of the flea, including larvae, eggs, and adult fleas.  It is not a tablet but drops that you put on the back of their neck.  Within twelve hours of application the fleas start to die and will prevent reinfestation for up to four months.  It is convenient, easy to apply, and safe.  It is also fragrance-free.  One great thing about this product is that it is waterproof and will remain effective even if the cat gets wet.  You can use it on cats eight weeks and weigh nine pounds or more and older.  In addition to flea protection, it will provide control of chewing lice on your cat.  This is not a temporary solution that just lasts for twenty-four hours but works for four months.  It can be bought over-the-counter so you do not need a prescription.

4. PetArmor FastCaps (nitenpyram) Oral Flea Treatment Medication, 2-25 lbs, 6 count

This product kills fleas fast and begins working within thirty minutes. The ingredient nitenpyram is veterinarian recommended but can be bought over-the-counter.  No veterinarian visit necessary to get this product.  Safe for cats weighing two pounds or more and four weeks old or older.  You can crush the pill, which is about the size of a baby aspirin, and hide it in their food or put it directly in their mouth.  This is a short-term solution to getting rid of fleas so you will need to use one lasts thirty days to continue protection.  These flea pills for cats achieved more than ninety percent effectiveness against adult fleas within six hours.   It does not work on eggs or larva.  It is safe to use on nursing or pregnant cats.

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