Best Non Tracking Cat Litter Reviewed 2017

In this article, we are going to show the top three best non tracking cat litter product on the market and why this type of litter should be used.   Cats make wonderful pets but the one drawback with cats is their litter box, especially when they track litter across the floor.  Litter tracking is one of the most common complaints heard from cat owners.  It seems that no matter where you keep the litter box you find litter in your living room, the bedroom, or the kitchen.  How does your cat manage to track litter everywhere?  The answer to that question is that the litter sticks to their fur and paws after using the litter box.  It can also be scattered across the floor because it is a cat’s natural instinct to “dig to China” in their litter box and then when they walk through it, the cat brings it to every room in your home.

The solution to keeping litter from being tracked throughout the house is to purchase non-tracking litter to fill their box, like one of these top three brands.  It appears that lightweight litter tracks more than heavier litter.  One that does not seem to track at all is newspaper pellets or any type of pellet cat litter.  You can use cat litter with bigger pieces or clay litter, as they are not stuck in your cat’s fur or paws as frequently.  Each time you change your cat’s litter you should use a non-tracking cat litter.  In addition to these top three being non-tracking, all three are dust free so you will not be breathing in cat litter dust.  Some cats appear to be particular about their litter so you may have to try several before your cat is satisfied with the litter.

Here are the top three best non tracking cat litter product you can buy today.

  1. Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter – The Best Non Tracking Cat Litter

 Precious cat multi cat litter

I liked this one because it is hypoallergenic and is all-natural.  It is almost a hundred percent dust-free and to keep it from tracking all through the house it uses non-tracking, heavy granules.  My cats love it because it is unscented.  When I pour it into their clean litter boxes, I know longer get a face full of cat litter dust.  I use to have to sweep up the mess as soon as the cats finished using the litter box so it would not be tracked everywhere but that is no longer a necessity.  Yes, they do scatter it on the floor but when they step on it, it does not stick to their fur and feet and they do not carry it to another room.  I highly recommend this non-tracking clumping cat litter for anyone who does not like stepping on cat litter.  Your cats will love it too.  In addition to being a non-tracking litter, it also helps to keep odor away by clumping as soon as your cat uses the litter box.  I know that I give this non-tracking cat litter five stars and will be the only one I buy now.  My cats agree with me.

  1. Purina Tidy Cats Breeze Litter System Cat Pellet Refills

 Breeze odor control litter

I have always used granulated cat litter until my friend suggested that I try cat litter that is uses pellets.  I tried different pellet brands but this was the best pellet cat litter.  I no longer have to change my cat’s litter box every couple of weeks because one bag lasts up to thirty days.  Using pellet cat litter is almost one hundred percent dust free and has outstanding odor control, which is another plus for this brand.  The anti-tracking pellets help minimize tracking of cat litter in places you do not want.  My cats were not sure about this at first but they love it now.  This is a refill for the Tidy Cats Breeze Litter System, which is a great investment because I have the system.  It makes keeping your litter box clean a breeze.  I am sure you can use these pellets in a regular litter box but have not tried that.  I know that I recommend the system and cat pellets because they do help to prevent tracking.  Your cats may scratch them out of the litter box but pellets are easy to sweep up but are not as easy to track other places.  One great thing about pellet cat litter is that they are very easy to see on the floor.  They not only do not stick to the cat’s paws and fur they will not stick to the bottom of your feet.  I highly recommend this non-tracking cat litter.

  1. Arm & Hammer Multi-Cat Clump & Seal Clumping Litter

clump and seal non tracking litter

I like this brand for two reasons.  It is non-tracking and it seals and destroys odor guaranteed for seven days.  This is a big plus because I have three cats and without this litter the odor would be unbearable, not to mention the mess three cats can cause tracking litter all over the house and scattering it around their litter box.  Before I used this litter, it seemed as if I was sweeping and vacuuming continually.

I may have to sweep what they scratch out but it is nowhere as bad as it was.  It is also dust and scent free.  My friends recommended this litter but my cats are particular about their litter and I was worried about them refusing to use the litter box.  When I first filled their litter box, I was amazed that there was very little dust.  My oldest, and most particular cat, smelled around the box for several minutes and finally decided to get into the litter box.  She is like the leader and when the other two saw that she “gave her approval” they happily used it.  I am really happy I took my friend’s advice and made the change.  I do not intend to switch to another litter.  You will be happy you switched too.

If you have any suggestion that you believe should be on our best non tracking cat litter then let us know through our contact form and we will gladly test it.