Best Cheap Cat Trees and Towers on The Market Today

Sometimes I’ve come across affordable cat trees that are equally as excellent in quality as some of the ones that are higher priced. The trick will be to follow keys that are easy to ensure you have the finest affordable cat tree instead of buying one and finding out two months down the line that it’s broke.

Top 3 Best Cheap Cat Trees For Sale

Go Pet Club F32
Rating: 4.7
Sturdy, well built tree
Sisal Rope Attatched
Price: $
Go Pet Club F56
Rating: 4.6
Sturdy, well built tree
Sisal Rope Attatched
Price: $
BestPet 9073
Rating: 4.4
Sturdy, well built tree
Sisal Rope Attatched
Price: $$

1. Go Pet Club Cat Tree F32 Beige


If you’re looking for cheap cat trees for sale then Go Pet Club is the brand you should look for first, click here to check the current price. They have a knack for building these cat trees cheap whilst still being high quality and long lasting.

With it’s many features and comfortability for your cats for the small price it is no wonder that this tree receives many great reviews from everyone who owns one. In every merchandise, regardless of how great it is, we can always find a downside to it. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the merchandise.


  • Easy to assemble – We had no trouble setting this tree up and took us around 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Sturdy – The base is well made and we haven’t had any issues with it falling over or rocking side to side.
  • Good material – Made from faux fur which my cat loved and includes sisal rope for scratching.
  • Great for exercise – Multiple platforms were great as she loved to climb them.


  • Not for large cats – For the low price you have to sacrifice some things and this is one of them. If your cat is larger than 6 lbs I wouldn’t recommend purchasing one of these. If you have a large cat and don’t want to pay premium price then take a look at our best cat trees for large cats reviews.

2. Go Pet Club Cat Tree F56


Another place for the Go Pet Club brand and it comes with this tree that is great for cats who love to scratch. It stands at 52 inches high which can accommodate medium sized cats and comes with a cheap kitty condo in the center of the furniture.


  • Sturdy enough to hold medium sized cats (Below 12lbs)
  • Great for cats who love to scratch


  • Not a lot of room for cat to stretch out.

3. BestPet 9073 Cat Tree House



  • Comes in different colors – If you don’t like the navy blue color you can take a look at the different colored versions here. It comes in beige and brown. I personally loved the beige color!
  • Large Tree – This cheap cat tree is great for multiple cats to climb, stretch out and rest.
  • Sturdy


  • Not suitable for large cats.


How to choose a cheap cat tree

So here are a few essential things to look out for to make an effort to prevent those pesky made cat trees.

Avoid cardboard

The biggest thing to try to find is no cardboard! Particularly on perches and the ledges. This can be essential if you need something secure for them to sit on especially if  you have a bigger cat.


Typically, it’s better to have carpet covering your new cat tree. But if you’re trying to find a cheap cat tree for sale, fabric material is probably the choice you should go for.

This mostly comes down to your own cat to be honest. If you have one that doesn’t scratch or is declawed you can definitley save yourself a buck by going for the cheaper option.

Why you should buy a cheap cat tree

Every cat has that investigating spirit, and our feline friends can be uninterested in everything, and occasionally even rather vengeful and competitive if we don’t cater to that instinctive demand they have.

An excellent means to fix this issue is a condominium or a tree that’s designed especially for cats to climb, scrape and appreciate themselves while attending for their urgent cat issues. Cat trees are a practical means to keep your cats active and amused, and usually better acting. Nevertheless, there’s just one issue in this equation, which is the fact that most of towers and cat trees and cat condos are quite expensive. Occasionally irrespective of how badly you need to give your kittens their pleasure corner you only can’t manage to pay a substantial amount of cash and purchase a cat tree that is suitable. But there’s a remedy.

If you realize your cats really do want their own corner where they are able to climb, play and rest and that the cat tree is an excellent, sound investment, then you happen to be already there. We’ve gone through some significant research to be able to review some of the finest affordable cat trees out there.