Best Cat Litter For Odor Control – A Comprehensive Guide

When we finally decided to get an adorable kitten for our little ones, my main concern was the fact that we live in an upstairs apartment and have no easy access to an outside garden area. This prevented us from making the decision for many months, but our kids were so adamant that we gave in.

We did our research and found out all about cat litter and trays, to place in a discreet corner out of sight, where I was hoping it would not become a smelly and messy area. Cats are essentially very clean animals, covering up after they have done their business, unlike dogs who tend to leave everything lying around, so I was less stressed out after learning this!

In the first few weeks we tried a number of different brands and types of cat litters and finally decided on three which worked best to keep the odors at bay.

Here are the top 3 best cat litter for odor control that we recommend.

Ever Clean Extra Strength
Rating: 4.8
42 LB Bag
Maximum clumping power
Fragrance Free
Precious Cat Ultra Premium
Rating: 4.5
40 LB Bag
No perfumes or deodorants
Clump and Seal
Rating: 4.4
28 LB Bag
Seals and destroys odor

1. Ever Clean Extra Strength Cat Litter, Unscented – our first pick


Ever Clean has a really high rating and great reviews and we were not disappointed. The litter is slightly more costly than the following two, but it does come in a large bag of 42lbs and lasts forever. The bag is heavy, so you may need a strong person to help you lift and pour if you are a lightweight. You could however, use a scoop to get the litter out of the bag, and that would solve the problem.

The first thing I really likes was the fact that the litter is fragrance-free. For people like me who start sneezing madly when anything full of fragrant chemicals comes anywhere near my nose, this was a non-negotiable must-have. After we had filled the tray, we could not detect any fragrance at all.

The litter is made from a blend of clays and natural minerals. The company uses only the best, pure, high-quality ingredients. Our kitten really liked the litter and took no time to find it and get down to business.

I was warned about dust that comes off the litter and tracks its way around your house and onto furniture but this litter is almost dust free. A tiny amount does get caught on her paws but a small mat around the tray takes care of the problem and by the time she has walked off it, the dust is almost completely non-existent.

The litter works by clumping up and holding together, soaking up odors. It even works around the edges of the tray making it extra functional.

We pick up the clumps and dump them once a day and the rest of the litter is clean. Take note that this litter is not flushable, so you will have to

take it to the garbage outside in a sealed bag or packet. The clumping ability is really strong and works immediately to contain the odors and it does not break up.

We got to the point where we only have to clean out and replace the entire tray every 10 to 12 days, saving us a lot of extra work and money.

We believe this is the best cat litter for odor control that you can buy on the market.

2. Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter

The next cat litter we tried was the Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter. It also has good reviews and a lot of happy customers. We too, were very pleased with this litter. The price is for a 40lb bag, a little smaller than the first litter but it is a lot cheaper if you are you watching your budget, like most of us!

The litter contains no perfumes or deodorants, perfect for people who suffer from allergies when exposed to strong chemical smells. It is also hypo-allergenic and contains no plant proteins. The litter is made from 100% Bentonite Clay and has a 99.99% dust free texture. The litter consists of heavy, non-tracking granules which we can see creates less mess when the kitty steps out of the tray and very little dust is tracked around the apartment.

Once we became experts on cat litter trays, we decided to try a sifting / mechanical litter box. These fancy trays have a built-in rake that moves across the tray and through the cat litter, sifting out the clumps and pushing them into a receptacle at one end of the box. You can then just remove them from this section, easily and fast instead of having to search for the clumps all over the tray. This litter was advertised as being ideal for mechanical boxes and it certainly did work well.

It also clumps up very well containing the odors and keeping together without breaking apart. Another great feature was the fact that the texture of the granules prevent moisture from reaching all the way down to the bottom of litter box, so there is no worry about damp accumulating at the base of the tray for days until it is cleaned out.

The product should also not be flushed but rather dumped into the garbage in a sealed bag. Our kitty was very happy with this litter and, as a more economical option, we will certainly use it again.

3. Arm & Hammer Multi-Cat Clump & Seal Clumping Litter


This litter comes in a choice of different size bags ranging from 14lb to 38lb, which gives you an option and makes it much more user friendly if you don’t have help and cannot struggle with the larger 40lb bag options. We chose the 28lb bag which was cost effective and much easier to transport and carry up to the apartment.

This extra-strength formula we read, works by first sealing and then destroying odors. The tiny granules are activated by moisture and form a seal around the urine and feces, containing the odor. The litter is packed full of hard working odor eliminators and the unique Baking Soda that they add then destroys the sealed-in odors on contact.

After reading all this scientific explanation, we were sold! The product really did work well! The texture of the sand in this litter is slightly softer that the other two. The dust factor is also minimal and little or no dust was tracked through onto carpets or furniture or worse still, into our beds under the sheets! We placed a small mat around the tray to pick up the little bits of dust that did accumulate on our kitty’s paws, just for good measure.

This litter is made from plant and mineral based ingredients and unlike the others, it does have quite a strong perfume smell. You notice it immediately when opening the box and it does tend to linger in the air after you have filled the tray. This may not suit those people who are sensitive to chemical smells and prone to hay fever and sneezing.

We filled the tray to a depth of 3-4 inches and found that we could just scoop out the clumps daily and only refill the entire tray as seldom as once a month. Like the other litters, do not flush or throw into outside drains, dispose of the clumps in a garbage bin in a sealed bag.

What To Look For

If you intend keeping a cat in an apartment where you have little access to outside areas, a litter box will become part of your everyday life.

The last thing you want is to be greeted by a horrid smells when you open your front door after a hard day at the office – so your choice of a premium cat litter is a must. The job must be done properly and all smells contained and the litter must be easy to clean.

Size of bag – if you have a strong helper at home or are going to get the litter delivered to your door, a large bag is an economical option. If you have to go out to the store by car, or use public transport to lug it home, it may be difficult to carry a 40lb or 42lb bag of litter unless you are a body builder! The third litter offered the choice of smaller bags, the first two did not.

Price – The first option was more expensive. We found that all three cat litters did a good job and there was not much between them. It will be a matter of personal taste in this case or a matter of saving money!

Perfumed – Cat litters absorb and contain smells by means of chemical processes, not by giving off a smell of their own. If you are allergic to strong chemical smells, you can certainly find a cat litter that is odorless and won’t cause sneezing or hay fever. The first two litters were completely perfume or deodorant free, giving off no smell at all. The third one did have a fairly strong smell, so take this into account when you make your choice.

What is it made of – all the litters are made from natural substances. Some use clay, which could be an issue if your kitty likes the taste of clay! Some of the litters are made from plant and mineral based ingredients, giving you an alternate option.

Texture – all the litters were finely textured and our kitty did not seem to have any particular preference.

Clumping and holding ability – the best litters work by clumping around the moisture and then holding their shape, allowing you to easily pick up the clump and dispose of it. If the clumps start falling apart, then you probably have a cheap version that won’t do the job. Smells will escape and the hygiene level of your home will drop, so this is a major factor to look out for.

Use in mechanical trays – of the three litters we reviewed, only the second one specifically stated that it is ideal for mechanical or sifter trays. We did not try the others, so this is something we still need to do!

Full replacement of the tray – the litters should be cleaned everyday by picking up the clumps and then topping it up. The first litter needed to be replaced totally after 12-12 days. The other two lasted longer, up to a month. I am a bit of a cleanliness fanatic and preferred to do a two weekly full throw out and replace of the whole tray, after washing it out.

Flushable – none of these litters are flushable and should also not be thrown down outside drains. Place the clumps into a sealed bag and dispose of in the garbage.

We were happy with all three cat litters, but I personally prefer the first two as they had no distinct perfume smell. I hope that these reviews will help you to decide on the best cat litter to keep your home odor free and your new found family pet happy.