Best Scratching Post For Cats – 2017 Guide

If you have a cat you have certainly experienced a situation of destroyed furniture, curtains and wallpapers. The scratching is a part of the nature of every cat. They scratch for many reasons, such as to calm claw trims, to remove old nails, to mark their territory and sometimes to stretch their bodies.

If you have a little kitten you should immediately buy a scratching post and prevent it to develop any bad habits, because sooner or later it will start to scratch through your house and I know that you don’t want that.  If you buy a scratching post you will save yourself from many problems in the future and you will give your cat an interesting type of toy to play with.

No matter if you are buying a scratching post for the first time or your old one needs to be replaced, you are on the right place. In this article, I will present to you the top three best scratching posts that you can buy for your cat.

#1. Pioneer Pet SmartCat – The Ultimate Scratching Post

many reasons put this scratching post at the top of the list. I have been using it for a longer time and I am very satisfied from it, but the best thing is that my cats love it too. I have three cats and they are in love with my curtains. The longest time that a curtain can last in my house is one week. I even stopped placing new curtains since it started destroying my budget. But, without curtains the home doesn’t feel warm enough, so I needed a solution.

I have previously used carpet scratchers but my cats didn’t really like them. In my opinion the best idea was to buy a scratching post. I have made a few wrong choices before I found the Pioneer scratching post. But now, it has become our favorite place in the house and my cats are constantly near it.

It is tall enough so that my cats can stretch themselves entirely. Also, it is very sturdy and they can’t knock it over.  Another good thing related to this scratching post is that is made from durable sisal. I really like that fact since it inspires scratching and it doesn’t make mess.

Now, I no longer worry that my cats are going to destroy my curtains. At the beginning, you may have a little trouble with adjusting your cats to the new scratching place, but once you do it all of your nightmares will be over. When I first brought the Pioneer scratching post at home, my cats weren’t interested in it. I placed it in front of the windows where the curtains used to be and after a few days the cats started touching it and found its purpose.

I even dared myself to put new curtains and the cats didn’t even notice the change. I am very happy, I have wonderful curtains and calmed cats. The cats use the scratching post in 90% of their time and are very happy with it. The best thing about this scratching post is that it is extremely durable. As I said, I have three cats and they are around the starching post all the time, but the post is still in an excellent condition.

#2. KONG Naturals Incline Scratcher Cat Toy

Since my cats really loved the Pioneer scratching post, I thought that it will be a good idea to buy one more. They are three and only one scratching post wasn’t enough for them. I decided to buy another type, since I want to experiment a little. The Kong scratching post is cheaper than the Pioneer, but smaller. I like that it came with a hanging foil toy which attracted my cats. I need to say that the scratching surface only fitted my smallest cat, and she is the only one that uses the Kong scratching post, the other two are still not giving up on the Pioneer post. The Kong scratching post is the perfect post for a kitten or a smaller cat. If you have a bigger cat, the cardboard may break.  The durability of the scratching pad is around 6 month. But, for the price that time length is more than enough. The scratching pad can be changed when it is no longer usable, but since the price is more than acceptable a best idea will be to order a completely new scratching post. The Kong starching pad is the best for you if you have a smaller cat and you are low on budget. It will save you money and furniture and in the same time it will give your cat a relaxing toy.

#3. TRIXIE Pet Products Parla Scratching Post

The reason that I have put this scratching post on the third place is its size. It is almost 10 inches shorter than the Pioneer post, and my cats are big so they can’t stretch completely. When we talk about its design and functionality, nothing bad can be said. It is very stable with a wide base and the price is acceptable too. I also like the sisal rope because it doesn’t make any mess when scratched.  We are using the Trixie scratching post for a longer time and the rope isn’t damaged at all. The cats are in love with it and the best thing is that they no longer touch my curtains.

So, if you have problems with choosing the right scratching post take in consideration my suggestions. Believe me that those are the best scratching posts that can be found on the market. They will definitely save your house from the cat’s scratching claws. No matter, which one you are going to choose you won’t make a mistake. Take in consideration your budget and the size of your cat and pick one.