Best Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box Reviews 2016

Litter-Robot III
Rating: 5/5
Works with clumping litter
Suitable for multiple cats
Great Odor Control
Price: $$$
ScoopFree Ultra
Rating: 4.5/5
Works with blue crystals
Suitable for multiple cats
Good odor control
Price: $$
Omega Paw Pewter
Rating: 4.4/5
Works with clumping litter
Suitable for multiple cats
Good odor control
Price: $

1. Litter-Robot III Open Air – The best option

If you are just looking for the absolute best automatic cat litter box then read no further as nothing on the market really comes close to this right now.  Cleaning litter boxes is not a job anyone likes to do but if you have a cat or cats, it is something that someone has to do.  I love the fact that it is great for multiple cats as I have two.  Another plus with a self-cleaning litter box is that I can save at least 50% on the litter I have to buy each month.  Besides buying clumping litter, you do not need any special accessories. This type of litter box also helps to reduce odors and has a big entryway that even my larger cat feels comfortable entering. One cool thing I like about this self-cleaning litter box that I have never seen in others it that it has an automatic night light.  This low light helps my elderly cat see what she is doing.

One of the newest features that makes it easier to know when to empty the drawer is the flashing blue light that lets you know it is full.  It has a control lock panel to prevent kids from pressing buttons that could cycle the unit unnecessarily.  If your power ever goes out there is a back up battery for forty-eight hours of operation.  If you have thought about buying a self-cleaning litter box, you should buy this one.  I highly recommend it and will give it five stars.

2. ScoopFree Ultra – The best for your money


ScoopFree Ultra’s mechanically cleans and shoves the waste into a covered compartment 5-20 minutes after your cat has used the litter box. If your cat reenters the unit during this time around, detectors reset the litter box timing which I thought was a great feature. The waste compartment can be found on the front side of the tray that is disposable.

Ultra vs Original

The difference between the Ultra and the original version is the that the ultra includes a privacy hood, a health counter that counts the amount of times they go and an adjustable delay you can get set for it to clean after your cat has gone. I found these to be extremely great features that were well worth the little extra you pay.


  • Only replace the tray every 20-30 days
  • Adjustable time delay after your cat uses it
  • Counter that tracks your cats use
  • Very low maintenance
  • Blue crystals absorb urine and feces well with superb odor control


  • I found that sometimes waste can get caught on the rake itself but not often
  • Litter tray is only 14″ x 14″

3. Omega Paw Pewter – The best cheap option


The Omega Paw self cleaning litter box will clean your cats feces and urine automatically without having to . Inside the Omega litter box there’s a grill that breaks up the waste that is clumped, and it works surprisingly well. The best thing about this litter box is the size. The large sized box allows for multiple cat families or for big cats. You also don’t need electricity or high priced filters


  • No batteries/plug sockets needed
  • Clean waste within a minute
  • No scooping
  • Affordable


  • Unit can start to smell if not cleaned often

The Alternatives

As always, we provide you with best three products that are on the market but we also go a step further and give you alternatives. Maybe you’re cat has a specific need or maybe you’ve had a recommendation off a friend and want to see if it is still good. Below, are our honorable mentions that still do the job well.

ScoopFree Original


We’ve already reviewed the ultra version of this product above in our top three. To be fair, this product would get a spot in our top three if the ultra didn’t exist. What i’m trying to say is if you don’t mind not having the added features of the ultra (listed above in the review) then by all means pick this version up for a little cheaper.

With its unique system of disposable litter trays enables you to control scent. All you’ve got to do is just load the ScoopFree with the litter tray which arrives pre-filled with Superior Blue Crystals.

The blue crystals bedding material absorbs wetness and odor and begins to dehydrate solids when your cat uses this small box.

After the cat leaves the box the Scoopfree has a cat detector that begins twenty minutes afterwards, the waste sweeps into a receptacle that is covered, leaving a fresh and clean scent to the blue crystals. Every few weeks you simply replace the disposable tray, and the unit is prepared to go, just like new.

Cat Genie Self Flushing Cat Box


This can be an advanced concept in automatic cat litter boxes because it functions as a “cat toilet” flushing away the waste, cleaning and drying the cat box and bedding material so it’s prepared to be used over and over again.

Washable bedding material is long-term; it consists in granules which look like regular cat litter and it doesn’t need to be altered. With this system you never must touch or purchase cat litter.

The CatGenie 120 features 3 distinct settings: The CatGenie has a child lock manner to prevent accidental beginnings.

The unit works with recyclable and biodegradable SaniSolution cartridge for cleanse and it holds enough SaniSolution for at least 120 washes.

LitterMaid LM580


The LitterMaid LM580 Classic Series Litter Box gives you the capacity to keep the cat litter box by scooping the waste 10 minutes after the carton has been used by your pet.

Special detectors activate to clean the waste after your cat has done its company and additionally it can be activated for scooping.

This automatic litter box is great for cat owners that go out for a day or two or work until late.

The unit uses 8 AA batteries as backup in the event of power outage and operates with AC adapter.

If the cat re-enters the litter box the timer will reset and it is going to begin a fresh countdown for another 10 minutes.

The Manufacturing Company urges to use LitterMaid with Premium Clumping Cat Litter.

PetSafe Simply Clean


SmartScoop Self-Scooping Litter Box is an automatic option that enables one to ignore the day-to-day job of scooping your cat litter box.

15 minutes mechanically clean the litter box after your cat has used it, shoving the waste where the smell is eliminated by a carbon filter.

The unit is not difficult to clean and it uses clumping litter to get optimum results. It’s powered with an AC adapter that comes with it.


It mechanically scoops your cat litter box for you.
Smell is prevented by a carbon filter
All components are removable for easy cleaning
Contains a six-month supply of 6 carbon filters
Measurement of bedding material area is: 14”W x 16” D


Among the ones that are most significant has to do with the fact that cats are creatures that are very clean and they0acfb478-82ed-472a-a43a-75cb915510aa.jpg._CB294959923__SL300__
should not feel dirty and have a clean surroundings so that they can be lively and joyful. So, clearly, if they need to go time and again in an identical area and cover poo that is new with one that is old, they wont feel comfortable.

What to search for When Buying an Automatic Litter Box

Boxes that are operated by plug
There are several facets that have become crucial that you consider when buying an automatic litter box. To begin with, most of them need to be plugged in, which is amazing because you don’t need to worry about purchasing new batteries or losing power over time. On the other hand, however, if you’ve got a summer bungalow that will not have electricity, or in case you are always one on the move, you might want to purchase among the battery used automatic litter boxes out there.

How you’re going to dispose of dirty bags
A more essential requirement to consider is how you’re going to go about cleaning all that sand that is filthy. The finest automatic litter boxes, in our view, are the ones that separate the sand and the soil and that can just clean away, letting you use whatever kind of gravel or sand you enjoy. Nevertheless, you will find other boxes because all you’ve got to do is alter the real litter box for a brand new one where you never need to even take into consideration the waste. You’re essentially doing precisely the same thing, which can be throwing away waste, but with our picks, you don’t need to do any of that. As far as you’re worried, you’re only altering one carton for another.

Eventually, as ridiculous as it may seem, you must consider your cat’s tastes into account. On the other hand, the amazing matter is that some of the finest automatic litter boxes include 60-day money-back guarantee where, if your cat will not enjoy the litter box, it is possible to just return it and either return to the classic approach to coping with things, or you can purchase another automatic litter box.

No two cat owners are exactly the same. All of us have different reasons for purchasing an automatic litter box. Many people loathe the idea of cleaning the carton. Other only don’t have time.

Why do people buy them?


Extravagance for the furball

Most of the time our furry pals lounge around loving the creature comforts they are able to get on their paws. Love, some food and a soft spot to sprawl out is what felines normally need. By supplying your cat an automatic litter box as opposed to a routine one, you provide a cleaner and better smelling environment for her or him. In human’s terms, this means using the toilet in your house in comparison to a PortaPotty.

Time Saver

Will your cat adore the high-end among these vehicle cartons supplies, but they are able to also save you considerable time. You don’t have time to spend everyday scooping litter boxes. You’ll just be throwing away a trash bag of bedding material once by using an automatic litter box.

Incredibly Hygienic

As a result of removal of scooping, you wont need to come into connection with the bedding material ever. The carton will always be cleaner. You won’t need to be concerned about awful smells disturbing your cat or creeping through your house. If you are still somehow experiencing smelly litter, there is litter that controls odor to solve this problem and it works great.

Also, you can get non tracking cat litter so your cat doesn’t get your house dirty, a great buy for me.

Before you buy a self cleaning litter box…

Automatic cleaning cat litter boxes won’t ever fully replace human cleaning. Let’s consent that robots or machines can completely replace some endeavors that are human, but we cannot say exactly the same in regards to automatic cat litter boxes. The reason behind this is because these devices connect to creatures which can be highly unpredictable.

These machines are made contemplating typical scenarios of a cat doing his company but the reality is always distinct; the machine will likely miss some clumps in the litter box and won’t have the ability to “see” feces sitting on the border of the carton hanging out like in any routine cat box when “mishaps” occur.

So these components can be considered by us as an excellent complement on the job that is scooping, but and according to the system you may have to:

– Clean feces caught on borders, rakes, lids, walls, etc.
– Transform trays and totes.
– Clean floorings from bedding material that is kicked.
– Clean and disinfect the whole unit once every so often.

If your cat will urinate. Automatic litter boxes with walls that are low won’t be useful.
A vigorous bedding material a digger or kicker. These cats need a great number of bedding material to excavate so a box that is shallow won’t offer the needed depth to do that to the cat. A cat litter box with an enclosed kind of automatic carton or a great depth will not be unsuitable in these scenarios.
When use just the corners or cats have a tendency to use consistently the exact same spot it becomes a challenge for the automatic cat litter box to gather that.

Your cats health
In case a cat is healthy its feces will not be creamy and it will not urinate excessively, they’ve been simple to accumulate by any mechanism. But in case a cat has digestive difficulties, urinary tract disorder or diabetes, an automatic litter box won’t have the ability to perform as expected. It is important that cat keeps hydrated and drinking water. A great solution to keep your cat drinking is a water fountain for cats.

Daily food consumption
When cats eat byproducts they have a tendency to defecate with and more frequently clumps that are larger. This can create some difficulties for the mechanism.