Best Cat Water Fountain Reviews – A Complete Guide

After years of caring for cats I realized that they love these things and that it should be essential for all owners to consider buying one. For the small price you pay they really do make you cat more healthier with a constant supply of flowing water.

Cats love to drink flowing water especially when it is filtered and you will find they will drink more if they are provided with it.

This article is a long read so if you are in a hurry you can take a look at the table above where I outline the best cat water fountain you can buy today.

Best Cat Water Fountains – Our Top Picks

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum
Rating: 4.8
168 oz
Carbon Water Filter
Reservoir For Less Refilling
PetSafe Drinkwell Pagoda
Rating: 4.5
70 oz
Carbon Water Filter
Great For Multiple Cats
Pioneer Stainless Steel
Rating: 4.3
60 oz
Replaceable Charcoal Filter
Dishwasher Safe

1. PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain 168oz – The Best Option


No surprise that this got top spot on our best cat water fountain rankings. We are not the only ones that think this as it has thousands of positive reviews. If you are in a hurry and are just looking for the absolute best water fountain for cats then forget the rest of this article and pick up yourselves one of these.


The merchandise has a free falling system making the water additionally fresh. The flavor of the water is improved with the carbon activated filter and the product functions noiselessly. Additionally, the low voltage operation causes it to be safe for using with pets. With a large capacity of 168 ounces it can be suitable for a home with multiple pets but not for drinking at the same time.

How it works

The unit doesn’t have to be linked to any waterline. The submersible pump checks the larger particles before they reach the motor and works quietly on the platinum. The water flow amount is also flexible so you can change it to suit your pet.

How can you clean it?

The merchandise is completely dishwasher safe and should be cleaned frequently. As all the debris rolls up, the charcoal filter must be changed periodically. It’s extremely easy to clean.

2. Petsafe Drinkwell Ceramic Pagoda Fountain


This is a ceramic water fountain for cats and other pets you may have in the household. The ceramic finish make it a really nice piece to add to your home. It’s a capacity of 70 oz of clean circulating water and a replaceable charcoal filter that is unique to remove flavor and bad smells.

It’s a capacity of 70 oz of clean circulating water and a replaceable charcoal filter that is unique to remove flavor and bad smells.

The fountain is very simple to clean and its layout seems really nice in your house. The Pagoda fountain has a double upper and lower dishes to supply your pets of two places where he can select where to drink from.

3. Pioneer Pet Stainless Steel Fountain Raindrop Design


This can be undoubtedly an excellent pick if you need to keep the pets healthy and hydrated. Any household inside is complemented by the glossy and refined feel of the merchandise.


This fountain has a capacity of 60 oz. With its constant water flow, the bowl stays clean. Additionally, purity and the cleanliness is preserved. It’s fitted with low electricity voltage helping to make it safe to use by having an electrical pump. The superior stainless steel appearance makes it look posh and elegant in any home.

How can you clean it?

It’s simple cleaning process. Unplug the motor, wash the bowl and alter the filter standard. Small vinegar may be used by you for drying it immediately. Make sure you pile the parts. Reassemble the parts after drying and cleaning. Repeat the process often for long use of the product.

The Alternatives

Not convinced by our top three rankings? Or maybe none of the above quite suit your home or your cat? Not to worry, we have also included alternative drinking fountains for cats below that still do the job.

Aspen pet Cool Flow Pet Fountain


The Aspen pet Trendy Flow Pet Fountain has the enclosed reservoir making it even more useful. The filters can be replaced when and as needed.


This fountain has a flowing source of water, individuals who have more than one pet will love this product. This also adds compared to stagnant shops of the water.

How does it work?

The scent and the poor taste that can sometimes be present in water is removed by this pet fountain through the charcoal filter.

How can you clean it?

All the parts of the fountain are readily dismantled. The plastic components are not dangerous for any type of dishwasher except the filter; the filters must be replaced occasionally.

Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain, Stainless Steel


The Drinkwell 360 fountain has a bowl shape to it making it easier for multiple pets to drink from. It also includes a charcoal activated filter to make the smell and taste of the water better.


Giving your pets a 360 degree access, this product can carry just as much as 128oz of water that is filtered and fresh. The superior stainless steel feel causes it to be fit with your interior design. It’s not difficult to clean up, making it more suitable to use.

How can you clean it?

Each of the spouts cleaned and are easily removed. Additionally, the charcoal filters should be cleaned frequently as all the particles are assimilated by it. It also needs to be replaced again with time. The merchandise parts are not dangerous to a dishwasher except the filter.

Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain 128oz


It features an impressive capacity of 1 gallon that’s enough to feed multiple pets. Also, the charcoal filter gathers enormous particles before passing the water and removes the bad smell.


Fitted with the multiple spout rings, the Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain 128oz is preferred for those who have more than one pet at home

How can it work?

The charcoal filter fitted inside the merchandise assimilates the dust and another big particles that are unwanted. It also removes the unpleasant smell from the water. A low voltage power passes through it circulating the water through the filter as the merchandise is stopped up.

How can you clean it?

All the parts of the merchandise are easily dismantled. Routine cleaning is necessary to keep it odor and stain free as it includes water every time. The charcoal filters may also be prone to assimilating debris and the dust which should also be altered periodically. The parts of these products are safe to be used in dishwashers except the filters.

Pioneer Pet 6022 Ceramic Drinking Fountain


As the name suggests, this pet fountain is made from ceramic, complementing your interior decor. This appealing, sanitary drinking product is best for your own pet’s health. With 11.8 x 9.8 x 4.5 inches and 4 pounds weight, the Pioneer Pet 6022 Ceramic Drinking Fountain is one of the most fashionable pet fountains.


The ceramic characteristic of the product makes it quite straightforward yet refined to use. The free falling water with flexible height is very helpful for sick and old pets. Also, the sleek and new design of the product makes it complementary to that of the home décor. A lot more than anything else, it provides wholesome and delicious water free from bad scent with the aid of its charcoal filters.

How can it work?

With this fountain that is pet, no battery to make it operate would be needed by you. The charcoal filters clean the water and makes it free of debris and dust particles making the water fit for drinking and also adding to the flavor of the water.

How can you clean it?

Since it’s a hefty ceramic product, it has to be handled carefully. The water stains can be removed when it is cleaned often. The remainder of the parts can be cleaned easily with a dishwasher although the charcoal filters will not be safe for dishwashers.


Why you should have a drinking fountain for your cat


I live with multiple cats some of whom have health conditions, so I was constantly topping up their water which got very tiresome, plus I wanted them to have a constant supply instead of having to wait for me to fill it up. I decided to purchase a water fountain for this reason and the first couple weren’t the best but they weren’t expensive either. After spending more money than I should have done and a lot of researching I found a great little fountain that did the job perfectly.

Fast forward a few years and I have become a sort of connoisseur when it comes to water fountain for cats having owned and tested so many I believe the top three I mentioned above are the best cat water fountains you can buy with your money today.

Final thoughts

The main piece of advice I can give is to consider the water capacity of the fountain if you have multiple cats. Choosing one that has a large capacity will make your life much easier and it will also benefit your cat.

As I said in the intro, I believe this is an essential for any cat owner as it makes your life easier and improves your cats quality of life at the same time. Another great product that makes my life so much easier is the automatic cat litter box.